The Reading San Francisco Libre Association (RSFLA) is a
town twinning organisation dedicated to working
with Reading’s twin town of
San Francisco Libre in Nicaragua.
SFL map
Reading map

      RSFLA has promoted links and exchanges between the two towns and supported
projects in SFL for the last 20 years. It is a registered charity funded mainly by standing-           
orders from the people of Reading. Since we set it up in 2012, the David Grimes Trust has               
supported environmental projects in San Francisco Libre. 100% of all donations we receive are used to benefit the people of San Francisco Libre.

10 Lenovo T410 Thinkpads donated to RSFLA (English)...10 Lenovo T410 Laptops fueron donadas a RSFLA (Español)... Spende von 10 Lenovo T410 Thinkpads an RSFLA (Deutsch)... | Meteorology Students Raise £100 for the David Grimes Trust (English)... Los estudiantes de Meteorología juntan £100 para Fundación David Grimes (Español)... Meteorology Students Raise £100 for the David Grimes Trust (English)... | Reading Half Marathon: support MetDept on Sunday 22nd March (English)... Media Marathon de Reading: apoyando al Departamento de Meteorologia (Español)... Reading Half Marathon: support MetDept on Sunday 22nd March (English)... | A new friend, a Travel Journalist, is visiting San Francisco Libre shortly and will share his news with us(English)... Un amigo nuevo, un Periodista Turístico, visitará San Francisco Libre muy pronto y compartira sus novedades con nosotros (Español)... Ein neuer Freund - ein Reisejournalist - wird demnächst San Francisco Libre bereisen und seine Neuigkeiten mit uns teilen(Deutsch)... | Latest Newsletter Now Available Online (English)... Último Boletín De Noticias Ahora Disponible En Línea (Español)... Das neueste Rundschreiben ist jetzt online verfuegbar (Deutsch)... | Half Marathon Runners Raise Funds for the David Grimes Trust... Corredores de la Media Maratón recaudan fondos para la Fundación David Grimes... Halb-Marathon Läufer sammeln Spenden für die David Grimes Stiftung... | Bulmershe School Welcomes Jimmy Zamora! La Escuela Bulmershe da la bienvenida a Jimmy Zamora! Die Bulmershe Schule heißt Jimmy Zamora willkommen! | Town Twinning Celebration a Great Success... Gran éxito en la Celebración de Hermanamiento de ciudades... Städtepartnerschafts-Feier ein groβer Erfolg.. | UPDATED: Half Marathon Latest: Support Our Runners... Actualización: Medio Maratón, nuevas noticias: Apoya a Nuestros Corredores... AKTUALISIERT: Neuigkeiten vom Halb-Marathon: Unterstützt unsere Läufer... | Becas Renewed for 2014: 20 students will go to school... Renovación de becas para 2014: 20 estudiantes irán a la escuela... „Becas” erneuert für 2014: 20 Schüler werden in die Schule gehen...


San Francisco Libre is a small rural town, surrounded by small outlying villages, with a population of about 13,000 people. It lies next to the huge Lake Managua close to the magnificent Momotombo Volcano. Although the town is only 50 miles from the capital of Nicaragua, communications are difficult and the road is often impassable in the rainy season. More…
Reading is a large town in Berkshire, 36 miles (56 km) west of London. It is near Heathrow, is on the M4 motorway and is a rail hub. The Borough has a population of 145,700. It is a commercial and business centre, with involvement in information technology and insurance. It is also a retail centre serving a large area of the Thames Valley. More…